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You have entered the HeadQuarters of Pythagoras theorem and are technically committing an act of trespass. Any information found here pertaining to the above named corporation may be highly sensitive in nature and should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

In accordance with the NETROPOLIS code of business practice, therefore, you can and should use such information in the furtherance of your own interests at the expense of others.

Boss:   A plus B plus C
Company:  Pythagoras theorem
Richlist Position:   2645
Current city:   Pompeii
Offshore Holdings:   £225,985,628

Places won:

The Netropolis Heights

The United Kingdom
Stornoway - once
Woking - once
Belfast - 3 times
Edinburgh - once
York - once

The United States
Augusta - once
Austin - once
Boston - twice
Charleston - once
Cheyenne - twice
Denver - once
Phoenix - once

Townsville - 3 times
Brisbane - once
Canberra - once

Quebec - twice
Montreal - once
Ottawa - once

South America

Berlin - once
Geneva - twice
Istanbul - once
Paris - once
Rome - twice
Sarajevo - once
Stockholm - once
Warsaw - once

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