You have entered the HeadQuarters of Epping Forest and are technically committing an act of trespass. Any information found here pertaining to the above named corporation may be highly sensitive in nature and should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

In accordance with the NETROPOLIS code of business practice, therefore, you can and should use such information in the furtherance of your own interests at the expense of others.

Company:  Epping Forest
Boss:   The Battle
Richlist Position:   127
Current city:   Edmonton
Offshore Holdings:   £3,645,689,332
Places won:

The Netropolis Heights

The United Kingdom
Newquay - once
Cork - 3 times
Manchester - once
Milton Keynes - once
Dublin - once
London - once

The United States
Augusta - once

Sydney - once

Dawsons Creek - once
FortGeorge - once
Winnipeg - once
Montreal - 6 times
Ottawa - twice
Toronto - once
Vancouver - 3 times

South America
La Paz - once
Salvador - once
Santa Cruz - once

Berlin - once
Geneva - once
Istanbul - twice
Sarajevo - once
Warsaw - 3 times

Company awards:

Company manifesto:

Along the forest road, there's hundreds of cars - luxury cars.
Each has got it's load of convertible bars, cutlery cars - superscars!
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out,
Cos they disagree on a gangland boundary.
They disagree on a gangland boundary.

There's willy wright and his boys -
One helluva noise, that's billys boys!
With fully-fashioned mugs, that's little johns thugs,
The barking slugs - supersmugs!
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out,
Yes these christian soldiers fight to protect the poor.
East end heroes got to score in...

The battle of epping forest,
Yes it's the battle of epping forest,
Right outside your door.
You aint seen nothing like it.
No, you aint seen nothing like it,
Not since the civil war.

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